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Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. Testosterone stimulates the development of male sex characteristics and sperm production.

Prime Male is the best solution for you if you want to restore your sexual performance by increasing your testosterone. This product is proven to be able to increase your testosterone levels to be like when you were 20 years old, your sexual performance will also return to like when you were 20 years old, of course, with a very burning sex drive and the desire to have sex is very high.

Prime Male can do it in a matter of weeks. How nice it would be if you had a very strong sexual performance at an age you were not really young anymore. Prime Male has the strongest formulation compared to other testosterone boosting products, with 12 essential nutrients that are very powerful for increasing testosterone and male sexual performance.

All ingredients used are natural ingredients that are specially selected to get the best quality so it is very safe and there are no side effects to worry about. This powerful formulation can restore your sexual performance up to 20 years younger than your current age. And only Prime Male has a formulation this complete and powerful.

Prime Male is perfect to be your daily supplement because this is a natural supplement that is safe without side effects. The powerful formulation of this product can increase your testosterone production by up to 42% in just 12 days, reclaiming all your energy and stamina that has been reduced, boosting your sexual arousal even more burning like when you were younger.

Prime Male is specially formulated to get the most optimal dosage to give the maximum effect to increase your testosterone.

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How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male has natural ingredients that are very effective in stimulating your body to produce more testosterone. All you get is natural testosterone that is produced by your own body, no synthetic testosterone or steroids are put into your body so it is very safe and there are no side effects.

To increase testosterone, the main key is Luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone that is useful for stimulating the leydig cells in the testes which are responsible for producing testosterone. Prime Male has amino acids and zinc which are proven to be very effective in increasing the production of LH in your body, so your testosterone will automatically increase.

If you experience low testosterone, it is possible that your SHBG levels are too high, SHBG is a sex hormone that can bind your free testosterone to become biologically inactive so that it cannot be used.

But you don't need to worry, Prime Male can help you to reduce SHBG levels in the blood, which means more biologically active testosterone and can be useful for improving your physical performance including your sexual performance.

One way to increase testosterone is to reduce the level of estrogen in the male body, estrogen is a female sex hormone that is also found in the male body but in lesser levels. If the estrogen in the male body increases, the testosterone will decrease.

Prime Male has Boron in its formulation which can help to reduce estrogen levels by up to 39% which will automatically increase testosterone levels in your body.

Benefits Provided By Prime Male

Increase Sexual Arousal And Performance

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is the main key to male sexual performance. By maintaining your testosterone level, you automatically keep your sexual performance high even though you get older, your sexual desire will not decrease, it will remain the same as when you were 20 years old. Prime Male can help to make all of that happen.

Accelerates The Building Of Lean Muscle

Why do men have much bigger muscles than women? The answer is because men have much higher testosterone than women. Therefore, if your testosterone is low, you will find it very difficult to build your muscles, the hard work you have put in will only waste your time.

Accelerate Weight Loss And Fat Burning

Fat deposits in the body really interfere with your appearance, one way to overcome this is by increasing testosterone because it can increase metabolism and burn more fat in your body. Men who experience low testosterone are more at risk for obesity or obesity.

Increase Energy And Stamina

More testosterone levels can provide more energy and stamina, and with more energy of course you can last longer to exercise and improve your physical strength and overall fitness, so don't let your testosterone decrease if you don't want to lose energy. and your stamina.

Boosts Mood And Self-confidence

Hormones that are stable will make the mood better, the mind will be more open. And with great energy and stamina, you will be more confident in doing all your activities, including your sexual activity with your partner, your sports activities, and other activities that become your daily routine.

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Why Is Prime Male Better?

Best Formulation

Prime Male is the best because it has the most complete formulation. Formulated from 12 excellent nutrients to help increase testosterone production quickly and maximally. You will not find this formulation in other testosterone boosting products.

Work Fast

With its powerful formulation, Prime Male can work much faster than other products. In just 2 weeks you can get a testosterone increase of about 42%. Only Prime Male can provide that for you.

Without Side Effects

There are no negative reviews about side effects from customers who have used this product, because Prime Male is indeed a natural supplement made from quality natural ingredients so it is very safe and there are no side effects.

Prime Male Ingredients

prime male ingredients list

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

D-Aspartic Acid is a very strong natural amino acid, functions to increase testosterone production, and this ingredient is also believed to increase male libido and sexual arousal.


Bioperine is an important ingredient because Bioperine maximizes the absorption of nutrients from other natural ingredients in order to provide maximum benefits. All nutrients can be absorbed more optimally by your body.


Boron is a natural mineral that increases the production of testosterone, research results show that 10mg of boron per week can increase testosterone by 28% and reduce levels of estrogen in the body of male or female hormones.

Korean Red Ginseng

The active ingredients and antioxidants present in Korean ginseng can improve sexual function in men who have problems with erections and sexual arousal. Ginseng extract is safe to use and there are no bad side effects.


This fruit is nutritious for reducing levels of estrogen or female hormones in the male body, so that testosterone in the body will increase and dominate. Lowering estrogen will automatically increase testosterone.


Magnesium is a source of energy for the body, besides that it is believed to help reduce SHBG which allows it to increase testosterone production which can improve overall male sexual performance.

Ashwagandha Extract

Research has shown that ashwagandha can improve body mass and increase its strength. In one study, those who took ashwagandha had significantly greater increases in muscle strength and size. It also more than doubles the reduction in body fat percentage.

Nettle Root

Nettle root is useful for reducing levels of SHBG in the blood, SHBG is a male sex hormone that can make testosterone not biologically active so it can't be used by your system. Reducing SHBG levels results in more free testosterone.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also plays a role in converting protein and carbohydrates from food into energy. The digestive tract, muscles, and some parts of the immune system are also preserved by the presence of this vitamin in the body. vitamin B6 to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can improve mood and positive thoughts.

Vitamin D3

This vitamin is a very important nutrient for overall body health, which you can get from the sun's rays on your body, but many people rarely get vitamin D from the sun, Prime Male provides it for you so that your body doesn't lack Vitamin D, because if you are deficient in vitamin D will cause many problems that occur in your health.

Vitamin K2

Helps Vitamin D work better in your body to produce higher testosterone levels. Combining Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D3 is proven to increase testosterone production faster.


Zinc is a natural aphrodisiac that is very effective for increasing testosterone production, providing more energy and stamina and increasing male sexual desire.

Prime Male User Testimonials

prime male reviews romario


I am a weightlifting athlete who is always in touch with useful supplements to improve my performance during training, and I got recommendations for Prime Male products from my friends who are also athletes.

In just two months I used it, my fitness level improved significantly and my performance improved during training, I was very satisfied with the natural testosterone boost I was getting, I was able to do hard training sessions that I was not able to do before. I am happy to have found this product.

prime male reviews claude


I have been using Prime Male for a month, in the first two weeks I feel my strength and endurance are better, this result is far from my previous expectations, more energy can support all my activities.

And after 2 months of using it in my training regimen, I managed to gain extra muscle mass and extra energy to increase my sports activities. I will continue to use it as I have never felt so fit like this before knowing Prime Male.

prime male reviews dan


At the age of 49, I felt a significant decrease in performance due to lower testosterone levels, Prime Male became an alternative that I used to improve my performance because I saw very positive reviews from its customers.

Finally I tried this product, it turned out to be true, in just 2 weeks, Prime Male started to bring me to a better performance, I can do things that I have been unable to do for a long time, the most important thing is that my partner also finds something different in my performance in bed.

prime male reviews luke


I am now 41 years old and I realized my sexual desire started to decline, my mood became unstable and I started looking for a product that could solve all these problems. And my choice fell on Prime Male, I started using this product and within 15 days I felt a new addition of energy to my body, my sex drive started to improve again, my mood got a lot better.

There are not any side effects that I feel on my body other than a positive improvement in my overall quality of life. You won't regret trying Prime Male.

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How To Buy Prime Male In Ireland

If you intend to buy Prime Male, you can only buy it on the Prime Male Official Website because Prime Male is not sold in any online shop, you can order it directly online through the official website.

You can get a box of Prime Male for just €49.00 and one box can supply you for a month.

If you want a lower price, you can take advantage of the attractive package offers provided such as:

➣ Vitality: 4 Months Supply, you can get 4 boxes of Prime Male and only pay the price of 3 boxes, which is €147.00

You can save even more money if you choose this package offer instead of buying individual products.

Free Worldwide Shipping including Ireland for a minimum 3 month supply purchase. There are several payment methods provided, you can choose the payment method you want.

Your order will be delivered confidentially and very securely, there is no product description outside the package package. Your personal data is highly protected.

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